Both Johnson and Lear had contemplated constructing steam-powered automobiles for the Indy 500, Johnson first within the early 1960s when with Managed Steam Dynamics and in 1968 with Thermodynamic Methods and Lear in 1969. A third steam racing automobile was contemplated by a consortium of Planning Analysis Company and Andy Granatelli of STP Company. Five companies entered. They had been the consortium of Planning Research Company and STP Company, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, Continental Motors Corporation, Detroit, Vought Aeronautical Division of Ling-Temco-Vought, Vape Tanks Dallas and Thermo Electron Company, Vape Store Online Waltham, Massachusetts.

This early interval additionally saw the first repossession of an vehicle in 1867 and the first getaway automobile the identical 12 months, each by Francis Curtis of Newburyport, Massachusetts. On the time, the California State Legislature was introducing strict pollution management laws for cars and the Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, vape kits John Francis Foran, was supportive of the idea. Within the dialogue, Karsten Vieg, a lawyer attached to the Committee, suggested that six automobiles be fitted with steam engines for testing by California District Police Chiefs.

In 1969, the National Air Pollution Control Administration introduced a competition for a contract to design a practical passenger-automotive steam engine. In 1974, the British designer Peter Pellandine produced the first Pelland Steamer for a contract with the South Australian Authorities. Edward Pritchard created a steam-powered 1963 mannequin Ford Falcon in 1972. It was evaluated by the Australian Federal Government and was also taken to the United States for promotional functions.

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