Geopolymer Technology

In the project 4 types of different geopolymer panels are developed: prefabricated ETICs-like panels and ventilated façade cladding panels for building envelope insulation. Moreover, radiant wall and ceiling panels for heating/cooling and wood geopolymer panels for indoor applications were developed.


InnoWEE is a project that is looking for new innovative solutions within recycling Construction and Demolition Waste. Hence new way of recycling and also new geopolymer technology formulation is being investigated in terms of economic feasibility, performance and technological advancement.

Demo Sites

InnoWEE panels are installed in four demo sites located in Padova (Italy), Putte (Belgium), Athens (Greece) and Bucharest (Romania). For each demo site a specific design was prepared ensuring proper and the most efficient installation process. In each demo site the panels performance is monitored considering different climates, where the demo sites are located.


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Dear Reader, the InnoWEE project is currently in its demonstration stage. The innovative InnoWEE panels have been already developed and are installed in four demo buildings, where their performance in real conditions is monitored.

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