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Virtual Case Studies

Four buildings (historical and existing) will be the subject to verify virtually other refurbishment realities to show other examples of application including to historical buildings.

Private house, Piazzola sul Brenta in Padua, Italy

The pilot is part of the large complex of Villa Contarini. It is a flat on the second floor of a historical building (Chiostro delle Vergini) that was presumably finished in 1689. Its area is 113 m2 and has two main façades on the North-West and on the South-East side. The last intervention of this virtual demo building was in 1995.

The building is simulated using TRNSYS software. The chosen weather data is the Meteonorm TMY of Venice. The calibration is based on the available energy consumption data

Historic house of Parikia in Paros, Greece

The house was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a double-storey building and the structure is made of masonry stone. Since its construction is used only for residential purposes and has been totally refurbished at 1995. Total area of 76 m2.

Simulation was run on EnergyPlus software and the calibration is based on existing electricity and diesel bills.

Historical Residential Building, Bucharest, Romania

Romanian pilot is located in a corner junction in the city of Bucharest. The usage of this building is a mixture of offices and residential. There are office facilities from the basement until the second floor, while the residential part is only in the third floor with attic. The whole building covers a total area of 426 m2 approximately.

Simulation was run on EnergyPlus and calibration will be based on existing bills.

Dwellling block in Txurdinaga neighbourhood in Bilbao, Spain

This block is located in Bilbao´s neighbourhood called Txurdinaga. The shape is square and has an interior courtyard. It consists of 97 dwellings with 6 main front doors. It´s a concrete building including commercial basements and five floors.

The building simulation is performed on EnergyPlus.