Pilot House in Padua, Italy

Pilot House in Padua, Italy


The Pilot House is a building located inside the National Research Council Area in Padova, Italy.

The Pilot House was built around 1993 as a prefabricated single-story office building. The Pilot House was used as an office until 2016 when the people using the structure were relocated in other sites of the Area. The floorplan of the building is almost a square, with an area slightly higher than 70 m2 and an orientation that is close to North-South. The building comprises three main rooms, a small room, a bathroom, and a corridor for a total volume close to 200 m3.

As the house from Padua is a pilot demo site, all the developed solutions have been installed.

ETICs-like panels on the northern façade;
Ventilated panels on the southern façade;
Ceiling radiant panels in one of the main rooms.