Residential Eco-House Putte, Mechelen (Belgium)

Residential Eco-House Putte, Mechelen (Belgium)


It’s a Residential Eco-house in BelgiumNorth/central climatic zone. It’s a single family home out of two stories with a total surface area of 170 m2.

The structurale frame is made of wood, walls are composed by straw bales of 35 cm thickness. It’z a NZEB building. Solar panels and PV panels are installed in the roof. The heating and the cooling is performed by a geothermal plant with a water-water high pump. A real refurbishment will be performed. The focus in this state will be the application of the eco-friendly radiating panels for wall and/or ceiling.

Radiant panels installation

In the demo site 15 InnoWEE ceiling radiant panels have been installed in one room of the building. To make a comparison between standard ceiling radiant panel and InnoWEE one’s, 2 UPONOR panels were installed in the room and monitored before the installation of the InnoWEE solutions.

The radiant panels are installed in the ground floor. On the first floor the collector was designed to supply radiant ceiling panels in the guest room and the dehumidifier.