Bethenny Frankel has filed suit against a couple she claims is trading off her fame by using the words Skinny Girl to sell weight loss tea.

Frankel’s company SG Marks is suing Travis and bulk ammo Stacey Labarge for ‘ripping off’ th

TMZ reported it had contacted Travis Labarge who claimed it’s a total coincidence that his products and Fankel’s brand have identical names.

Labrge told the website that he and Stacey ‘generated their product name based on Google keywords for weight loss tea.’ 

He said they were not aware of the existence of Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand.

Created the name: The Bravo reality star and businesswoman started using the moniker Skinnygirl back in 2009 when she published books on how to stay slim.She also published a novel in 2012 called Skinnydipping