Happy Halloween friends! It’s finally time to get out those jack-o-lanterns, toss around some spooky cobwebs and start planning your costume!

Did you know? The National Federation of Retail reports that Halloween is the second largest grossing holiday for Americas. In 2016 we spent over $8.4 billion on Halloween costumes, candy and decorations. That number is expected to increase in 2017.

$8.4 BILLION!?! Talk about scary!

The great thing is it doesn’t matter if you prefer pumpkin patches or haunted houses, cute goblins or horror scenes – you don’t have to spend all your bones on decorations and costumes to make a big impact with your scare flair.

In fact, here are three easy and super cheap ways to DIY your way to hauntingly awesome Halloween decor and still have money left for the important stuff…candy!!

Let’s start with some super cheap spider webs!

Grab yourself a few trash bags, a pair of scissors and some tape.

Then check out this step by step tutorial from the folks over at fastforwardfun.com.

Tape these fancy spider webs to your windows for a great shadow effect for passersby or add them to your doors and walls if you want to bring the fun inside.

Tie on a cute little spider or two and you have a great Halloween decoration for cheap, cheap, cheap!

And speaking of spiders…One Good Thing by Jillee shows us how to make some amazingly easy spiders for next to nothing!

All you need are styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners and black spray paint. Since styrofoam balls come in various sizes, you can make these as big or small as you would like.

Just spray paint the balls, let them dry really well, then stick in the pipe cleaners and you are good to go!

You can add tiny versions of these creepy crawlers to your garbage bag spider webs and have a “wow!” decoration for very little money and effort.

And of course Halloween decorations are just not complete until you have a mummy or two!

These cute mummies can be made and ready to sit on your mantle, table, or porch steps in just a few minutes!

Weekendcraft.com tells us all we need are a few mason jars, some tape or glue, gauze, and a pack of googly eyes. Follow the directions on their website and you’ll have a cute family of mummies to add to your cheap and quick Halloween decorations in no time!

These little guys can be used to hold utensils, candy or even hold a battery powered luminary.

Very cute!

So now that you have all of your Halloween decorations up and ready to go, there’s just one thing left to do….invite your friends over and get your scare on!

Wishing you a very happy and safe Halloween!

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