AISI 316 L, inconal, hastelloy, monel, teflon etc. available for internal parts. When selecting a gauge valve set the main thing to look at are the vessel connection ports, NACE requirements, pressure and temperature rating. A good way to determine what you need is by looking at your vessel pressure/temp rating on the plaque or U1A.

A float switch is used when the level gauge is to monitor any level limit. The switch can be mounted on top of the tank and in this case can have up to eight switching points with a normally open, closed or switching contact, and in the side wall of a tank with one switching point. This solution is simple and reliable, the performance of the transmitter does not depend on the conditions inside the tank, such as the formation of foam, bubbles, the effect of boiling or vibration.

Use Emerson’s Rosemount level measurement technologies to optimize your processes, plan for maintenance, and anticipate and correct issues before they become problems. The reflex type level gauge operates by detecting the dissimilarity in the refraction index between fluids and vapors. This type of level gauge works based on the refraction and reflection laws of light.

Used in low pressure, non-toxic services, tubular level gauge level gauges detect and report the process fluid level through the direct reading of level in tanks or vessels. It consists of a Glass tube, Packing Material, end blocks, Vent plug, Drain valve, isolation valve, etc. ABB offers the standard KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge with a chamber of virtually any non-magnetic material, extruded process connections, a custom engineered float and all accessories with 316 stainless steel construction.

This type of indicator has good visibility and is absolutely safe to use as it contains non-fragile metal chamber. The level sensor is represented by two models – with a reed chain and magnetostrictive. The guide tube of the sensor with the float mounted on it is placed directly in the tank and the float moves freely along the tube when the liquid level changes.